Iga Kołodyńska


Iga Kołodyńska holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture with focus on landscape protection from the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences. With her work experience as a research assistant at the Institute of Spatial Management at the same university, she has gained the insight about the need to incorporate landscape management in spatial planning. During internships at research group PlanSmart and Aalto University she explored computational and participatory approaches towards landscape evaluation and management. Her research focuses on context sensitive and citizens-centered landscape studies. Her research interest include citizens perception of landscape, landscape changes, the values that people assign to landscape and proenvironmental behaviour.


Jukka Kilgus is currently studying Environmental and Sustainability Science at Leuphana University in Germany. His studies focus in particular on Social-Ecological-Systems and Ecological Economics. Apart from that, he has gained professional experience during an internship in Environmental Consulting. He assists the team in the coordination of the Focus Groups as well as in website and social media work.

Jukka Kilgus